Pastoral Services

What Is A Pastor?

At Cornerstone, we believe that Pastors are those who have been called by God to oversee, care for and lead his church. (Ephesians 4:11). Our Pastoral staff is here to serve both the church and those outside the church. Part of how we do this is through counseling, discipleship, and visitation ministries; meeting with people throughout the week.

Our pastors are available daily from Noon to 5pm at the church office. We can also meet with you at other times by appointment. We are available to meet with individuals, couples and families. Ladies from our women’s ministry are also available to meet with women.

Cornerstone’s pastoral staff is available to encourage everyone to look to Jesus, to know His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all areas of our lives.

Pastoral Counseling / Discipleship

Our pastoral counseling is Christ centered ministry rather than problem centered counseling. Christ centered ministry depends on the Lord to do the work in each individual thorough His Word (The Bible) and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We believe that by turning our attention and focus to Jesus Christ rather than on our problems, we can see real change in the lives of people. (Matthew 6:33)

As a church, we have confidence and assurance that this will be effective and long lasting, and spiritually rewarding. We all share these things in common and we are called to minister and encourage one another and love one another as we all grow together in the Lord.

Hospital / Jail Visitation

One of the privileges and responsibilities of being a pastor to the church is ministering to people both inside and outside of our church family. Whether they are sick or injured, either at home or in the hospital, or at times when they are in trouble with the law. We believe that God hears our prayers, answers our prayers and that he has called us to look to him in our times of trouble and distress. We are available to visit people who are part of the family at Cornerstone or who aren’t, whether they are sick or in jail.